A lawsuit and countersuit between Taylor Swift and Utah fantasy theme park Evermore have both been resolved with the involved parties dropping their respective suits, Rolling Stone has learned.
“As a resolution of both lawsuits, the parties will drop and dismiss their respective suits without monetary settlement,” a spokesperson for Taylor Swift said in a statement to Rolling Stone. A lawyer for Evermore Park did not immediately respond to Rolling Stone‘s request for comment.
On February 2nd, Evermore Park filed a lawsuit over trademark infringement, claiming that the release of Swift’s Evermore album caused “actual confusion,” which affected the park’s online presence negatively, along with infringing on its marketing and merchandise, and impacting its visitors. It also alleged that both Evermore Park and Swift’s Evermore merchandise offered similar products. The plaintiff additionally claimed Swift’s clothing merchandise was counterfeit via Evermore Park’s trademark. It sought “not more than $2 million per counterfeit mark” in connection with trademark infringement on clothing as well as additional damages along with attorney fees and legal costs.
Swift’s team that handles the rights for her music and other trademarks, TAS Management, countersued in late February. The countersuit claimed that Evermore Park was regularly engaging in its own copyright infringement against Swift. The suit alleged that three Swift songs — “Love Story,” “You Belong With Me,” and “Bad Blood” — were regularly used in performances at the theme park without it obtaining a proper license. It further claimed that Evermore Park ignored “numerous notices” from performance rights organization BMI regarding the Park’s alleged copyright infringement.