COVID toes first came to light when dermatologists pondered upon the skin problem early in the pandemic in European children. However, the symptom is now being recorded in case studies more than ever.
It has now become a common symptom experienced by kids as well as adults.
Possibly a result of inflammation, COVID toes can cause swelling, lesions and discolouration in the fingers and toes. They have been likened to be similar to winter frostbites and chilblains. For some, it can also come up in the form of ‘COVID fingers’.
Broadly speaking, experiencing COVID toes can be a painful experience. It can also result in possible reactions:
-Discolouration in and around the toes
-Tenderness and pain
-Experiencing blisters and redness
-Raised bumps on skins, which can resemble frostbites or white sores.
-Itchy toes causing friction which make it difficult for a person to wear closed footwear.
Who is more vulnerable to this symptom?
Even though the precedence of this symptom is now seen more than ever, there are a few risk factors that can make a person more vulnerable: