A NSW woman has clapped back at critics who claim her bikini is too small for the beach. Jordan Hartley, 26, shared a video of herself having a post-swim shower at the beach wearing a string two-piece.
The Newcastle woman quickly drew criticism for her outfit, with some claiming it was “hardly worth wearing”.
But Jordan has responded to the online trolls, saying no one has a right to comment on women’s bodies.
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The social media furore began on New Year’s Day when Jordan shared a video to TikTok of herself enjoying a beach shower in a floral bikini.
But despite wishing followers a Happy New Year, her post was quickly criticised.
“May as well wear nothing,” one wrote.
“What is even the point of putting a piece of string on?” another asked.
“Just one sneeze and it’s gone,” one person smirked.
Jordan – who runs a meal prep company as well as an OnlyFans account – was quick to respond to the backlash in a separate video which shared one of the nasty comments she had received.
“Honestly ladies that looks disgusting,” the comment read. “Women aren’t women anymore, they’re trying to be men. Where is the feminist women that respect themselves?”
In response, Jordan – who has 120,000 followers on TikTok and 23,000 on Instagram – wrote: “Here to point out and shout it louder, comments like this are not OK.
“You do not have the right to comment on other women’s bodies. Women should stick together, no matter what we look like.”
She signed off with a love heart and a praying hands emoji.
The video caused a flurry of support, with many defending Jordan and stating she should be allowed to wear “what she wants” in 2021.
“Tell her to get back in their cave,” one stated.
“That’s a body to be proud of,” another person wrote.
“I see no problem with a woman doing what she wants if she’s happy,” someone else added.
Others speculated the commenters were “jealous” or “stupid”, telling Jordan she should “ignore” her critics.
“Men have been commenting on women’s bodies for too long,” one person fumed.
“Block that negative energy,” someone else suggested.
Jordan appears to not have let it get her down, continuing to share bikini-clad photos and videos to both her Instagram and TikTok pages.
In a video shared on Sunday she can be seen wearing a green G-string bottoms with a pink triangle top, happily dancing to rap music.
In a separate post, Jordan wears yellow string bottoms with a red bandeau top and writes she’s “excited” for the year ahead.
News.com.au contacted Jordan for further comment.
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