Former Karnataka chief minister H D Kumaraswamy has alleged that blackmail could be at the root of video and audio clippings, involving a former state minister and a young unidentified woman, and claimed a Rs 5 crore deal was struck for the release of the incriminating CD.
Water Resources Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi, 60, was forced to resign from the BJP government after the video and audio clipping emerged on March 2 and were broadcast on local television channels. Social activist Dinesh Kallahalli, who claimed that he represented the womans family, handed CDs of the same to the Bengaluru police and petitioned for a case to be registered as the woman was allegedly coerced into a sexual relationship with the promise of a government job by the minister.
Kumaraswamy, however, has demanded Kallahalli himself be arrested, questioning how Jarkiholis private moments found its way into the public domain in a coordinated manner.
As per my information, there is a Rs 5 crore deal in the release of the CD three days ago and it also involves blackmail. The activist says he has got three or four more CDs. He must be arrested first and questioned on how he got these CDs. Let the government take action on this, the JD(S) leader said. The deal for the release of the CD happened three months ago and the conspiracy involves important people.
Meanwhile, Kallahalli was questioned by police on Friday.
Sources said the activist claimed he received the CDs on March 1 at a hotel by a person known to him, that he viewed the CD that evening, and decided to petition the police the next afternoon with a request for an investigation of alleged sexual harassment.
After his questioning, Kallahalli told media, I do not know the girl. I do not know the family of the girl. I got the videos from a friend…. I have given the details of the person who gave the CDs to the police and cannot disclose it in the media.