A popular Youtuber has claimed to have been sent evidence of UFOs circling Earth, captured by cameras from the International Space Station.MrMBB333, also known as Earth Watchman, said the image reveals 10 unidentified objects “travelling with the space station”.
“The photo you see here behind me was sent in by Jeff. It‘s a screengrab from the International Space Station on 3 July 2021 8.30am,” the Youtuber with over half a million subscribers said in the 15 second clip.
“Ten unknown objects travelling with the space station above planet Earth.”
In reality, it could very well be an image of the Earth with some dots and circles added in to generate content for social media channels grasping at straws. It could also be real, in which case, we should probably prepare to parlay with our incoming alien overlords.
The supposed sighting came after an eagle-eyed student spotted a “bright UFO” hovering above a beach in the UK for 10 seconds before it spookily sped off into the night sky.
Matthew Evans, 36, snapped pics of the bizarre unidentified flying object which had four bright lights in a triangular-shaped formation.
Matthew, from Teignmouth in Devon, said he spotted the ‘UFO’ while looking out of his top-floor flat window.
The mature student managed to whip out his phone to take a pic – but within seconds the suspect object whizzed off into the distance.
He said that he “couldn‘t help but see it”.
Matthew added: “My kitchen window gives a great view of the sea, so when it came across the horizon it wasn‘t moving like a plane would.
“It was moving a lot slower and went up and down for a bit before hovering a good 10 seconds.
“It stayed in one spot long enough for me to pull out my phone and get those snaps.”
The stunned student described how the unidentified object then “quickly zoomed off at some speed and I couldn‘t see it anymore.
“The light was really bright. I just didn‘t know what it could be so I decided to take a picture. I‘m not quite losing my marbles yet. But it‘s hard to place it so I suppose it is an unidentified flying object.”