Guy Martin has spoken about his Aspergers syndrome diagnosis and that he dismissed it as “what a load of tripe.”
The 39-year-old motorsport aficionado who has competed in the Isle of Man TT and the Ulster Grand Prix, has said that he was not interested in his diagnosis, but has admitted that it might explain “the way I am”.
Speaking to the Sunday Times, Guy said: Its true Ive been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, but I would say: What a load of tripe.
They try to put names to it Oh, hes like that because of this. Everyones different. Were all different.”
Guy Martin was dismissive of his diagnosis (
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He went on to say why I sought a diagnosis.
Guy continued: “My girlfriend at the time persuaded me to see someone.
I was turning her crackers, so she forced me well, not forced me, but she said: Will we go and see this psychologist?
Anyway, I sat there for a day, and it turned out it was a form of autism: Aspergers.
Guy Martin was checked for Asperger’s on the insistence of his girlfriend (
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Aspergers syndrome broadly characterised as having difficulty with social interactions, restricted interests, distinctive strengths and a desire for sameness.
To counterbalance that, Asperger’s can bring focus and persistence on a subject with an attention to detail as well as an aptitude for recognising patterns.
Guy continued: The way I look at it is that maybe having that is why I am the way I am. Maybe that is all down to the autistic side. I dont know.
Guy Martin says the diagnosis explains his personality (
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If there are any benefits to having it, its that you just get your head down and get on with things. I apply that to the way I work.
If youve got an awkward job at work, you just get your head down until its sorted.
Guy added: Its probably what helps me with endurance racing on my mountain bike.
Im not quick but Im good at getting my head down.
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