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Food delivery drivers truly are the unsung heroes of our modern society. And because getting a midweek meal delivery brings us an insurmountable level of joy, we want to do everything we can to not only ensure that our food arrives as fresh as possible, but also to make our drivers life easier.
To find out exactly what little things we can do, we spoke to Sabrina Zanussi, one of Uber Eats delivery partners. Sabrina explained that works for Uber Eats a few nights per week while she’s completing her studies.
Be sure to include your apartment number
This tip is obvious, but Sabrina assures us that its actually very common for people to forget to include their apartment number when ordering food. Besides the obvious risk of not receiving your food, it also means your delivery driver will have to call you and ask for your door number.
This means you dont receive your order as quickly, the food wont be as fresh when you do get it, and its also just one more thing keeping the delivery driver from their next delivery. Speaking with Sabrina, it’s clear that by us (the client) taking extra time to answer the door and receive the delivery prevents them from making the maximum amount of money for a days work.
Track the delivery driver after placing your order
Sabrina explained that it isnt uncommon for people to order food and then be shocked when a driver turns up to deliver it. In fact, according to Sabrina, some people forget theyve ordered food altogether and never answer the door.
Answer your door promptly
Well never understand someone who either doesnt answer their door to a delivery driver or leaves them waiting for a long time. “Sometimes we press the intercom for the building, but when we arrive at the door, they take a while to answer the door even though they know we are coming,” Sabrina said. She explained that its better for everyone if we come to the door as quickly as possible when the delivery person arrives.
If you live in a large building or complex, meet your driver at the main entrance
It can be tempting to use the intercom to let in your driver and wait for them to come to your front door. But meeting them at the main entrance of your building (wearing a face mask) is a nice way to go the extra mile.
“It would be perfect if they come and meet me at the main door so I don’t have to worry about leaving the car in the driveway,” Sabrina said. “I am also an Uber client, so sometimes I understand why people don’t come outside because sometimes they are wearing their pyjamas that’s why they called the delivery [in the first place], you know.”
If parking is difficult, meet the delivery driver at their car
Sabrina explained that she will personally only deliver to areas that are residential because she knows she will have no problem getting a parking spot.
This tip wont always be appropriate, but if you know you live on a street where its notoriously difficult to find a parking spot (inner city suburbs, for example), Sabrina explained that it makes a big difference if you meet the driver at their car. “It would be so helpful, ” she said. “Some people do this, but 80% do not.”
If you’d like to learn more about some of the perks of being an Uber Eats delivery partner, click on this link.