Over the past decade or so, Mustang drivers have gained a reputation of not being able to handle the V8’s power, and spinning out while leaving car meets around the world.
Just recently, a video emerged out of Turkey showing almost exactly the same scenario, but instead of leaving a meet, it was a car wash, and instead of a Ford crashing, it was a far more expensive Ferrari.
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It’s easy to see what went wrong as the driver of the 458 gives it some boot as he’s pulling out of the driveway. Almost instantly, he loses the rear end, and the chaos commences.
The car is first thrown into a curb, which probably destroys the left rear wheel, and proceeds to bounce off, and start sliding in the opposite direction. The rear end comes around again as the car bounces off the same curb with its front wheels this time.
Unfortunately, the camera dips as the filmer presumably winces with pain while watching the Ferrari bounce off the two curbs, but we can still see the left rear wheel lift as it makes its final impact. 
It’s a small miracle that the 458 wasn’t carrying enough speed to get launched over the curb into oncoming traffic, as it would of almost certainly guaranteed a write-off. 
Thankfully, this Ferrari owner will probably get away with just replacing a couple of wheels and a few suspension components, but the damage to his ego will be irreversible.