The UAE’s Hope probe returned the first photo taken from Mars a few days after it entered a planetary orbit.Photo of Mars sent by the Hope ship. Image: Twitter.
Olympus Mons 10/2, the largest volcano in the Solar System, rose 24,700 km from the surface of Mars in the early morning sun, the day after the Hope probe entered orbit. The Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum shared a color photo on Twitter.
The Hope Probe, comprising 3 scientific instruments, will create the first complete picture of Mars’ atmosphere. The instruments will collect data on the atmosphere, measure daily and seasonal changes, and help researchers better understand climate and climate change in different layers of the Martian atmosphere. The team of experts in the project hopes to learn more about how particles like energy, oxygen and hydrogen travel through the planet’s atmosphere.
The Hope and Chinese spacecraft Tianan 1, one of the three Mars exploration missions that NASA’s self – propelled robot is scheduled to land on Mars on February 18, entered the planet’s orbit today. 10/2. Hope will fly around Mars, the Tianan 1 spacecraft will fly into orbit and leave the probe robot, and the constant excitement will land on the red planet. When Mars and Earth are on the same side of the Sun, all three launch missions are available at the same time, which helps to reduce travel and save fuel.
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