Under the tentative deal, elementary school and high-need students those with learning disabilities, problems accessing technology and other academic issues will be brought back in about six weeks, to allow time for returning school employees to be fully vaccinated, according to officials familiar with district negotiations.
As middle school and high school teachers become inoculated, those students will then be phased in, with a goal of offering in-person options to all students by May.
Officials said that, at most, instruction will be a blend of remote and in-person teaching, allowing students to go into school for several hours a week in small, stable cohorts while still taking classes online. The last day of school is June 11, and the district expects to again offer summer school.
California began immunizing teachers statewide this month, with Gov. Gavin Newsom setting aside 10 percent of new doses for school employees. About 38,000 of the Los Angeles districts 86,000 teachers and other support personnel have been vaccinated, given appointments or waived the privilege, Mr. Beutner said. Most of those have been employed in preschools and elementary schools.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that many schools, particularly for younger grades, can be at least partly reopened with proper safety measures before all staff members are vaccinated.