Remember that adventure game about the stoned detective koala? As it turns out, the creator of that game has had an interesting little journey, one that’s led them to a new indie title about being a pop star.
STONE was one of those games that revelled in its weirdness, so much so that a local brewer made their own Dank Black IPA for it. But what’s especially interesting is what happened to the game’s creator.
But despite not finding much of an audience, the game’s expat Australian creator ended up joining Housemarque a couple of months after STONE released. From there, they ended up becoming the cinematic and narrative director for PS5 exclusive Returnal, which was easily one of the best games this year.
But Greg Lounden isn’t done with indie development, as it turns out. His latest project, unveiled through the [email protected] YouTube account, is a new narrative adventure called BURN. There’s some interesting options hinted in the trailer, like starting a cult or turning into a monster.
The official Steam page says BURN will have over 16 endings, with the game panning out over three different time periods. Here’s the official description:
BURN is a pop star tragedy told over 16 endings that on replaying with different choices you can unlock the full story and endings. BURN follows Nina BURN, a Finnish pop star over 3 Acts from her DEBUT at 16, ESTABLISHMENT at 24 and CLIMAX at 27 via shuffled moments from her life which give insight into Nina on every replay. BURN’s story is adapted every play where your dialogue choices change Ninas style, her dialogue, the musical score and results in a GOOD, BAD or UGLY ending from 16 potential outcomes.
Sounds interesting. There’s more info over on the Steam page here, which says the game is aiming for a 2022 release date.