State-run broadcaster People’s Television Network (PTV) on Wednesday vowed disciplinary actions against its social media team over a Twitter post which included a hashtag #DutertePalpak (Duterte is a failure) but maintained it was due to “autocorrecting systems”.
PTV was referring to a Twitter post on a story about President Rodrigo Duterte wanting to give free face masks to the Filipinos amid rising COVID-19 cases.
“The erroneous message that was inadvertently posted by the PTV New Media was the result of autocorrecting systems in the text entry phase and a failure to adequately review  and screen the message that got posted,” PTV said in a statement.
“The management will certainly institute disciplinary actions against members of the social media team who are behind the erroneous posting,” it added.
In addition, the state broadcaster said its New Media division deeply regrets the error and takes full responsibility for the lack of oversight.
The hashtag #DutertePalkpak trended on Twitter this week amid rising number of COVID-19 cases and snail-paced vaccination program of the government one year since lockdowns were imposed to prevent coronavirus transmission.—AOL, GMA News