Sunday on MSNBC’s “American Voices,” Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) likened the riot at the U.S. Capitol by a group of President Donald Trump supporters to the group of anti-lockdown protesters that breached her state Capitol last year during the coronavirus pandemic.
According to Whitmer, Trump “incites” these groups to attack, and he “legitimizes” them with tweets calling to “Liberate Michigan” and urging for action.
“That last event [in Michigan] … also had people with long guns and automatic rifles standing up legislators and intimidating them,” Whitmer advised. “That’s much the same tactic that we saw play out in the nation’s capital. Many people that were a part of that last event that he described were actually indicted in the plot to kidnap and murder me. And so, it is not just a demonstration. What we have seen is a scary, very concerning elevation of actions taken to intimidate or to hurt people who are simply trying to do their jobs and keep people safe, and whether it is directed at me or Dr. Fauci or Secretary Benson or the Secretary of State in Georgia is wrong. And I’m grateful that people are coming to this conclusion after it being directed at the United States Congress, but this has been going on for 10 months, and we’ve been asking people to take this seriously.”
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