Stacey Abrams has already purchased television ad time in Georgia to make sure ballots are counted and cured following the senate runoff elections on Tuesday.
New York Times national political correspondent Jonathan Martin tweeted an ad showing Abrams telling voters to “confirm the status of your ballot today”:
2020 ends and 2022 begins:@staceyabrams has bought TV time in GA to ensure ballots are counted and cured after tonight
Via a media buyer >
— Jonathan Martin (@jmartNYT) January 5, 2021
In a subsequent post, Martin said the community organizer is “still airing spots on black radio”:
…and shes still airing spots on black radio
We have the chance to decide the future of the United States Senate, she says in the ad.
Make a plan to vote at
— Jonathan Martin (@jmartNYT) January 5, 2021
In the ad paid for by her group, Fair Fight, Abrams urged citizens to visit to learn the status of their ballots.
“Don’t wait. Your vote has the power to determine the future of Georgia and our country. It’s time to make certain your voice was heard,” she said.
Last week, a federal judge blocked efforts by Fair Fight to get a temporary restraining order against election monitoring in Georgia by True The Vote, an organization that exists to stop voter fraud across the nation.
“The judges order marks a rare defeat for Abrams, as well as for Democratic Party lawyer Marc Alias, who led many of the partys election lawsuits in 2020 and helped fund the fraudulent ‘Russia dossier’ in 2016 that led to the ‘collusion’ hoax,” Breitbart News reported:
True The Vote challenged the eligibility of 364,000 voters to participate in the upcoming runoffs for two U.S. Senate seats from Georgia because their names have appeared on the change-of-address database maintained by the U.S. Postal Service.
Fair Fight filed a lawsuit on behalf of itself and two unnamed defendants, John Doe and Jane Doe, alleging that True The Vote was engaged in a campaign of voter suppression and intimidation through its eligibility challenge and other activities.
During a rally for Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue on Monday night in Dalton, Georgia, President Donald Trump said Democrats will turn America into a one-party country if they win the Senate runoff elections.
“It will make it really a one-party country and the party will be the wrong party,” he stated.