There was the mother of all ‘Mother of Gods’ in Sundays Line of Duty as a wicked cliffhanger saw viewers rewinding and pausing to get a clue towards a bombshell development.
A number of references to previous series also got people googling everything from Roz Hunter to Operation Trapdoor.
And looking ahead to the fifth episode of this sixth series, now airing weekly on BBC One, a tantalising glimpse of future developments can be gleamed.
We have learned in a clip released by the BBC that Detective Chief Superintendent Partricia Carmichel (Anna Maxwell Martin) will return in her role as the head of AC-3.
And the actress herself said in a statement: “Pat’s back. I can’t remember what she’s doing there, nor would I be allowed to blab, but suffice to say she’s got some new clobber and she’s ready to bust some balls.”
While the preview synopsis for the next episode on Sunday points towards a number of potential developments, many already hinted at.
For one, we learn that Superintendent Ted Hastings AC-12 team will link the murder of journalist Gail Vella to a historic case of police corruption but which one? Obviously, a number of bent coppers have been put through the interview mill and brought to book in the previous five series.
A lot of speculation centres around series one Organised Crime Group (OCG) boss Tommy Hunter (Brian McCardie) and whether he may be related to DCI Jo Davidson (Kelly Macdonald) – his character was later killed off.
The end of the last episode saw AC-12 link Jo Davidson’s DNA to someone on the police’s database, prompting a Mother of God exclamation from Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) as viewers tried to see who the match was with. Some reports suggest Davidson could be a relation of Hunter.
We also are promised that Detective Inspector Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) will hatch a plan to see if her boss DCI Davidson is one of those bent coppers – although some have been questioning her loyalties after she regularly tipped off Davidson to AC-12 plans.
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Viewers have been teased over Davidson’s honesty or otherwise and we learned last week that she is over a barrel after her efforts to transfer OCG member and probationary copper Ryan Pilkington (Gregory Piper) out of her team ended with a gunpoint encounter with the former juvenile criminal.
And, as power ebbs away from Hastings his precious AC-12 is going to be merged with other anti-corruption units with staffing cut by 90 per cent his team are left in a potentially dangerous situation.
Whether that can be worse than Sundays episode when Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) was pinned down in an overturned police van under sniper and heavy gun fire remains to be seen.
This is the full synopsis from the BBC.
“AC-12 link Gail Vellas murder with a historic case of police corruption, and Kate hatches a plan to tell once and for all if Jo is bent. They are closer than ever to cracking the case, but when Hastings authority is undermined it leaves his team in a potentially dangerous situation.”
What do you think will happen next? Let us know in the comments below.