Former Australia cricketer Shane Lee has touched a raw nerve when he said Indian players are a bit ‘scared’ to play under Virat Kohli, on the other hand he mentioned that the same team is pretty much relaxed when they play under their vice captain Ajinkya Rahane.
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“Look, I think for the team he is and I would have him as captain. Kohli is one of the greatest batsmen of all time. But I just feel that he is almost revered by the players within the team. “They’re almost scare to put a foot out of line. He demanded absolute professionalism from the Indian team. The players had to be fit, they had to great in field and good catching, but they almost appear a bit scared. I just see a really relaxed team under Rahane,” Lee, the older brother of Brett Lee, said.
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He also said that had he been an Indian selector he would have asked Kohli to focus on his batting.
“Will Kohli give up the captaincy? I doubt it. If I was an Indian selector, and I’m not, but if I was, I would have Rahane captain the team and instead let Kohli go and do all his batting. And I think the team would function a lot better. But time would tell,” Lee, who played 45 ODIs for Australia, added.
India beat Australia 2-1 in four match Test series despite being all out for their lowest Test score 36. India came back to win the second Test in MCG  and final Test match in Brisbane. The team is now gearing up for the big ticket home series against England which is set to begin on February 5.