Sean Hannity took issue Thursday with the way President Joe Biden conducted his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the way the media chose to cover what the “Hannity” host called a “trainwreck.” 
“As predicted by any objective measure, the meeting was an utter train wreck. Putin basically gave Joe nothing, the United States nothing. He made not a single concession. There were zero agreements and after the meeting, Putin held a solo press conference where, let’s see, he mocked and trashed the U.S. at length.”
Hannity criticized Biden’s remarks, which he believed to be prewritten by the president’s staff, not appearing to rebuke any of Putin’s lies.
“Biden gave a short, scripted speech, probably written before the summit, took a handful of questions from, as always, preselected reporters, and then got very cranky and lashed out at reporters.” Hannity added, “Which tends to happen when you don’t get your warm milky.”
Biden has also been criticized for giving Putin a list of critical areas not to hack in the United States. Hannity slammed the list as a “roadmap” to hurt the country.
“Don’t worry because Joe proudly announced that he presented Putin with a list of 16, now pay attention here this is important, 16 critical areas of American infrastructure that Vladimir and the Russians better not target with a cyberattack. That includes telecommunications, healthcare, food and energy. Okay, first point, how dumb is it to give a hostile act, an evil guy like Vladimir Putin 16 specific things, a road map that would cripple the USA? That’s pretty dumb.”
Hannity also noted that Biden appeared not to respond to Russian cyber-attacks on a U.S. pipeline and meat processing facility. 
“What would stop Putin from going after the other 14 sectors?” Hannity asked. “All cyberattacks against America and Americans, Joe, that already should be off-limits. You should have lectured him loudly.”
Hannity called out the media’s fawning praise for the president’s meeting but noted that they were even having some trouble covering for him.
“But as per usual, the mob, the media, they are trying so hard to keep the Biden Protection Program going. Although we are starting to see cracks here and there, even late-night comics are beginning to realize this guy is not really with us, is he?”
Hannity also asked why Biden’s staff won’t allow him to take questions on his own, noting that the president called on reporters from a pre-selected list in Geneva, and got testy with CNN reporter Caitlan Collins who shouted a question at him.
“Why are they controlling him? ‘I’m going to get in trouble if I take another question. I can’t take another question.’ Why?” Hannity asked. “Because his own staff knows he’s not capable of giving a coherent answer. Anyone with common sense knows what’s going on here. Joe Biden gets agitated at the drop of a hat, he gets cranky without his warm milky and his sippy cup, frequently forgets what he is saying midsentence. At times he seems totally lost, dazed, and confused.”