‘Roasting’ took on another meaning in the second episode of MasterChef Singapore season 2 when an unexpected special guest joined the recording via a video call from the United Kingdom.
Judge Bjorn Shen called him “an internet sensation who challenges the authenticity and heritage of Asian dishes”.
The man, Shen added, is known for “calling out the dishes of some of the biggest names in the culinary world”. Even luminaries such as Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey were not spared!
But after the drummed-up hype and excitement, everything just kind of fell flat when in half of his limited screen time our favourite Uncle was relegated to contest announcements including time-checks, and smiling silently on a TV screen.
The other half of his screen time well, I love Uncle Roger and maybe even his real-life alter-ego Nigel Ng, but this niece wasn’t laughing. Some of his ‘roasts’:
– To flight attendant Mitchelle Chua: “You so confident. You think you going to win the trophy because the trophy got ‘M’ on it. Uncle Roger like. I like this confidence.”
– To operations manager Danial Khalis Aziz: “I hear you got newborn? Why you out here messing around with 11 other people? You’re a terrible father. Haiyah.”
– To singer Inch Chua: “Inch, how you doing? Are you regretting giving up your music career yet?”
– To the contestants at the halfway mark: “Haiyah, why so slow? Uncle Roger grandma cook faster than you.”
From what Shen said, it seemed Uncle Roger would be joining in the other episodes, so I’m keeping fingers crossed I’ll get some wicked action from him.
MasterChef Singapore season 2 airs every Sunday at 9.30pm on Channel 5 and meWATCH; catch Uncle Roger here!