Projekt RED has delayed Patch update 1.2 for Cyberpunk 2077 planned for February. The new date is now the second half of March 2021. The studio shared the news with fans via Twitter and gave several causes why the biggest patch to date is delayed.
The reason for the postponement is, on the one hand, the recent hacker attack on the developer and, on the other hand, the large extent of the update.  At the beginning of February, the makers of Cyberpunk 2077 fell victim to a cyber-attack in which the alleged source code of several games was stolen. In a blackmail letter, they demanded a ransom, and the data is said to have been sold later.
“The recent cyber attack on the IT infrastructure of our studio […] unfortunately means that we will not be able to meet this deadline [for Patch 1.2],” the statement said.
1.2 should surpass previous updatesAccording to the developers, another reason for the postponement is the large scope of Patch 1.2. The update goes far beyond previous patches and you need additional time for the corresponding fine-tuning. What’s in the update? “We have worked on numerous qualitative improvements and bug fixes – and we still have a lot ahead of us so that you can get them in the desired quality,” writes the studio.
How big will the update be? They don’t like to share this news with players, of course, but they want to make sure that the update is as good as possible when it is released. With 17 GB of data, Update 1.1 was already a very extensive package, so version 1.2 should be significantly larger again.
What did the last patch bring? Version 1.1 already dealt with many problems such as broken quests, graphic glitches, bugs and performance drops, but also introduced a new bug as part of a main mission that prevented many from progressing. The notorious “Takemura bug” was then eliminated using a hotfix. Another hotfix fixed a security issue.
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