Marvel Studios will be putting the spotlight on a South-East Asian superhero soon!
Its president Kevin Feige made the announcement while fielding questions during the Singapore launch of streaming service, Disney+, on Feb 2.
In a report by NME, a member of the media asked if it was high time we get a Southeast Asian Marvel superhero on Disney+?
Feige replied: “I think it is. And I think you wont have to wait there very long at all. Weve announced a number of shows and weve got more in the works.
He added: “The world outside your window, no matter where you are, is what the Marvel world will represent.
Feige didn’t elaborate further on the cinematic release of the first South-East Asian superhero.
But we may be able to glean some clues from the newest South-East Asian additions to Marvel Comics such as Filipina superheroes Wave and Sea Hunter which were introduced in 2019.
While these characters make their cinematic debut?
Marvel’s first Asian superhero film, Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings, is set to premiere this July.