Piers Morgan has branded Meghan Markle a liar again, reigniting their ongoing feud on Twitter.The controversial broadcaster shared an article on Twitter claiming to list all of the times Meghan or Prince Harry contradicted themselves in their recent Oprah Winfrey interview.
The article, originally published in Private Eye, summarised 10 revealing moments from the bombshell interview and it branded them all “logical fallacies”.
One focused on 39-year-old Meghan’s mental health admission that she was suicidal, and left unsupported by the palace.
It said: “As an American actress and friend of Hollywood celebrities, I did not have the phone number of a therapist.”
Another said: “I don’t read the tabloids, but they are so unpleasant I had to leave the country.”
Piers was thrilled with the article and shared it with followers, captioning his post with three laughing emojis and writing: “Nice work @PrivateEyeNews.”
His tweet divided fans, and sparked a thread of people adding their own notes from Meghan and Harry‘s interview.
One wrote: “No one helped me learn the National Anthem, said the actress whose only career has been …. to learn lines!”
Another remarked: “Summed it up nicely. One exception …. MM mum is a qualified psychotherapist!”
However, others slammed Piers for continuing to speak out about the couple, with another person commenting: “U r sick. Move on!!”
The Duke of Sussex unleashed a string of explosive claims in the tell-all chat alongside wife Meghan – including allegations of racism within the Royal Family.
Meghan said her sister-in-law, Kate, received preferential treatment and made her cry during a dress fitting before her wedding to Harry.
Harry also claimed William and their father, Prince Charles, were “trapped” by their royal responsibilities.
But he insisted that while he and William were on “different paths” he loved his brother ”to bits”.
The Queen, 94, released a carefully-worded statement over the interview, saying she was unhappy to hear the couple had struggled during their time in the family.
But she said “recollections may vary” – adding that the matters would be dealt with privately.
Piers left his job at Good Morning Britain after he branded Meghan an “absolute disgrace” and said he didn’t believe a word she said to Oprah.
He added to reporters the day after his exit: “I don’t believe almost anything that comes out of her mouth …
“If I have to fall on my sword for expressing an honestly held opinion about Meghan Markle and that diatribe of bilge that she came out with in that interview, so be it.”
Meanwhile, source have claimed Piers quit after his GMB colleagues complained to bosses about his behaviour. However, he had threatened to quit the show five times over the past four years.
This article originally appeared in The Sun and was republished with permission