People living in Northern Ireland who cross the border without a reasonable excuse face a €100 fine from today.
The new measures apply to anyone who is “not ordinarily resident” in the Republic of Ireland.
Gardaí said that if enforcement is required a fixed payment notice for €100 will be issued to each person who is in breach of the regulation.
If gardaí stop a car with a driver and two adult passengers then each of the three adults will receive a fine of €100.
The new rules mean gardaí can turn back day trippers from Northern Ireland who cross the border.
Under the current Covid-19 public health restrictions, travel is restricted to within 5km of a person’s home except for essential reasons.
The Government has advised against all non-essential travel.
Around 4,600 people have been fined for breaching Covid-19 regulations.
About 3,500 of the fines were for non-essential travel, including around 375 for non-essential journeys to airports/ports.
People travelling to an airport or port to take a holiday abroad are liable for a €500 fine for undertaking a non-essential journey.
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