Palit has just registered 12 new P106-based mining cards with the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) where they will be bringing the Pascal GPU architecture and the P106 back to market as crypto mining cards.
It looks like Palit is working on a few different models with varying amounts of CUDA cores and VRAM counts, with the higher-end P106-100 GPU packing 1280 CUDA cores and 6GB of GDDR5 memory while the cut-down P106-90 packs 640 CUDA cores and 3GB of GDDR5 memory.
The lower-end Palit P106-90 mining card wouldn’t be any good for Ethereum mining as the DAG is 4.11GB and there’s only 3GB of GDDR5 available. This doesn’t mean it’s useless for crypto mining, far from it — it’s just useless for mining Ethereum.
We should see no display outputs on the Pascal P106 mining cards, and should ship in bulk to mining farms to install into their systems. Another case of you can’t buy any graphics cards but somehow there’s more cards coming out for cryptocurrency mining than anything else.