Ifa Raziah denies being choosy after cancelling her Covid-19 vaccination appointment yesterday. Photo courtesy of Instagram and Facebook/ Ifa Raziah
KUALA LUMPUR, July 12 Local actress and singer Ifa Raziah denied being choosy after cancelling her Covid-19 vaccination appointment yesterday.
Taking toFacebook, she said she cancelled her vaccine appointment at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (Mitec) after learning she was not getting her preferred brand of vaccine.
I had to cancel my vaccine appointment today because Im not getting the Pfizer jab at Mitec.
Its not that I purposely dont want to take it.
In a video posted on her Instagram, Ifa said that she wants the Pfizer vaccine because of health purposes as she has several allergies, though she did not elaborate more.
She also said that she wanted Pfizer so that she could perform her umrah and also to enable her travel to Singapore as well. 
As far as I know, Mitec would provide the Pfizer vaccine there.
But everything changed when I was expecting Pfizer but was offered the Sinovac vaccine instead, Ifa said, adding that it is within her right to choose to accept the vaccination appointment or not. 
So I legit reply to Ifa Raziahs story on condemn on her actions. You guys read it yourself. If you guys have any questions, can straight up DM her cause she will respond to real account only https://t.co/9mHFfc2Rp7pic.twitter.com/4qGr9oc8qA
Kamarul Sulaiman (@IsmanKamarul) July 12, 2021
On Twitter, a user named Kamarul Sulaiman shared a few screenshots of his conversation with the artist after he confronted her about her appointment cancellation.
From the conversation, Ifa explained her request for Pfizer was for her own reasons and she had received a doctors letter referring her to Kuala Lumpur Hospital for her Pfizer jab.
The celebrity had earlier come under fire for posting about her vaccine cancellation on her social media.
She then removed the initial video on her Instagram but uploaded another one on her Facebook yesterday. 
Social media users have since lambasted her labelling her as choosy when many were still waiting in line for their vaccination dates.