If anyone is reading Marco van Basten’s book, it’s impossible not to reach down and touch your ankle, the joint that one day ruined his career for ever. Amongst those pages, where there is a wave of intrigue, grudges and admirations, the Dutchman reveals that his only goal in life was to be the best.
Two people that know what the world looks like from the top of Mount Everest are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The Champions League will go on without them, just as the NBA did one day without Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, as boxing did without Muhammed Ali and Joe Frazier and as the film industry did without Robert de Niro and Al Pacino. It’s almost incomprehensible that a team with Messi in its ranks has won one Champions League in the last ten years. This proves right those who think football is a team game and wrong those who focus on just one player, no matter how much God-given talent he has.
A 5-2 without Neymar
Barcelona were beaten 5-2 on aggregate by Paris Saint-Germain, who did without Neymar. You forgot about the Brazilian missing the first leg like you’d forget about ice at a party. He played a supporting role in the second leg, with Joan Laporta’s face in his head throughout. If PSG had been knocked out in that fashion by a Barcelona without Messi, they’d be getting the guillotines back out in the streets of Paris.
As for Cristiano Ronaldo, one day he got tired of his garage in Madrid. Sometimes you have to look for unhappiness to make that moment you rediscover happiness even sweeter. In this world of egos, the Portuguese wouldn’t have left Real Madrid if he’d scored a goal in Kiev. In that final, goals from Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema were a knockout blow to his mental state. The best team for Cristiano is Cristiano. To be the best, you have to pick the right team.
Ramos Prime Video
Sergio Ramos still hasn’t signed a new contract with Real Madrid. As to not get on the nerves of the other part of the fanbase, you can also say that Real Madrid still haven’t agreed a new contract for Sergio Ramos. In the background, there’s a love story that no one wants to declare out of fear of failure. Or there’s a hate story that no one wants to reveal so as to not rule out reconciliation.
The best Real Madrid centre-back in a generation feels untouchable. He won’t admit that he’s dreaming of playing in his sixth World Cup, out of modesty. The worst thing about Ramos wanting to play until he’s 40 is the threat of more instalments of his life in documentary form. Amazon should pay more respect to the mental wellbeing of their subscribers.