A video shared online shows a group of young people attack three Asian students in Brisbane, dragging one girl by her hair.
Video / @mvpeastA group of youths have filmed a brutal attack on three Asian students, with one young woman dragged by her hair and hit in the face.
Disturbing video posted online shows a gang of youths brutally attacking three Asian students in Brisbane last weekend.
Police have confirmed they are investigating the incident which allegedly occurred outside a shopping centre in Inala, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s electorate.
The source of the original video is unclear but appears to have been filmed by one of the attackers.
It was uploaded to Reddit yesterday and reposted to the website’s Brisbane forum, where a moderator locked the post due to “racism”.
The video shows a man and two women being set upon by a large group of youths.
“What did she do?” the man yells as he attempts to fend off the attackers.
“Hey motherf***** don’t f****** touch my sister,” one of the young group says.
“Don’t touch my brother,” another says.
One of the women is repeatedly dragged to the ground by her hair and hit in the face.
She can be heard crying towards the end of the clip.
As the girl is attacked, the man filming laughs and repeatedly says, “Gang s***, gang s***.”
“We didn’t do anything to you,” the male victim yells, as the group walks away laughing.
In a statement, Queensland Police said they “are aware of the incident which allegedly occurred on June 27 outside a shopping centre in Inala”.
“Police have obtained the vision and are making follow-up inquiries,” a spokesman said.