A 10-year-old boy was told he had cancer after a well-meaning stranger stopped him in the street.
David Lally was diagnosed with three brain tumours, but his family wanted to protect him from the news he had cancer in case he got scared.
But as the boy was out in his home town of Wirral, Merseyside, he was approached by a stranger who said; ‘you’re doing well fighting cancer mate.’
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David was first diagnosed after “suffering headaches and flickering in his right eye,” the ECHO reports.
The youngster started complaining of headaches and being sick, so his parents Chris and Kelly phoned the doctor and David was given an appointment to undergo some tests.
David was diagnosed with brain tumours in December last year (Image: Liverpool Echo)
After numerous scans, on December 22, the family were told the devastating news David had three large brain tumours and several small ones.
In a bid to keep David’s spirits up and so not to frighten him, David’s parents decided not to tell him about the tumours.
Chris said: “Its been hard because at first we never told David what he had, we just said he had little lumps.
“Then someone in the street came up to him and shook his hand and said you’re doing well fighting cancer mate so we had to sit him down and tell him.
“After chemo hes tired. He doesn’t let me budge so I cant go anywhere. If I go away from him for a couple of hours he gets upset.
“Its mentally draining. The ward you go on, seeing all the kids suffering – it’s just so hard.
“Its out of my hands, I literally cannot do anything, its in Gods hands. But if he has to sit for ten hours having treatment, I’ll be by his side right the way through it.”
David has since undergone chemotherapy to try to shrink the size of the tumours and now has a scar on his head.
In an attempt to cheer him up, Chris decided to ‘replicate’ the scar to show him that they’re “in the battle together”.
He told the ECHO: “He had a scar which he was ashamed of. He was more embarrassed to be honest.
David with his dad Chris, who has had a tattoo to match his scars (Image: Liverpool Echo)
“He said ‘look dad I’m bald and I’ve got big scars’ and he used to wear a hat.
“I said to him look – I’ll go get a tattoo and I’ll get exactly the same scars as you. He said ‘will you dad will you’ and I said yes.
“A lad called Zach at Rockpoint Records did the tattoo so I’ve got the same, a tattoo of David’s scars, on my head.
“Were in the battle together and I want him to know that. Anything he has to go through, I’ll go through with him.”
Chris said the tattoo was painful to get, but that David, who is a massive Liverpool FC fan, was “made-up” with the final result.
David now faces six courses of chemotherapy before a scan will reveal if the treatment has worked.
The whole family are determined to keep David’s spirits up during his treatment, including his twin brother Brian, older brother George, and little sister Molly-Mae.
In July, the family also held a fundraiser and raised £3,900, donating to the Owen McVeigh Foundation, Clatterbridge Hospital and giving staff such as nurses, cleaners and cooks on David’s ward gift vouchers.
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