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BTS members Jin, V, Jungkook, Suga, RM, J-Hope, and Jimin, marked the 8th anniversary of their debut with a show-stopping concert and fan meet titled “BTS 2021 Muster Sowoozoo” at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.
Instead of a roaring crowd, however, the South Koreans faced digital screens that featured ARMYs from different parts of the world in real-time.
Although the septet said performing outdoors once again was “liberating” and “refreshing,” the Bangtan boys admitted they were disappointed the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to celebrate another anniversary apart from their fans.
“Honestly, there are definitely many things I wish that were different,” BTS leader RM admitted.
“We really wanted ARMY to feel it with us and here we don’t have you physically to feel that energy that explodes from within us. So it’s sad we couldn’t show that to you today but I am sure we will be able to see each other soon,” Suga shared.
Nevertheless, they were still thankful they were able to make the most of the difficult situation.
“I am happy to show this side of us to you and I can feel that you are here with us as we can see you on screen,” J-Hope stated.
“I know you are far but we can still see your faces right in front of us so this is new. I am very happy. I miss you so much. Even when I am looking at you, I cant wait to see the day when we can meet again under the same roof. Stay healthy until then,” Jungkook said.
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“2021 BTS Muster Sowoozoo” showcased 15 songs plucked from the group’s entire discography.
Despite not having a live audience, BTS delivered dynamic yet intimate production on a stunning stage shaped like the number eight.
The pop stars kicked off the gig with their latest record-breaking hits “Life Goes On,” “Butter,” and “Dynamite.”
The pay-per-view fan event treated the audience to several never-before-seen live stage performances, such as “Stay,” “Fly to my Room,” and “Dis-ease,” songs from the BTS’ 2020 album “BE.”
BTS also debuted a surprising rendition of “Daechwita.” While each number boasted equally charming nuances, the unexpected cover of the edgy track originally performed by Suga’s solo alter-ego Agust D was an instant fan favorite. The fiery yet comedic cover of the members wearing fake beards and traditional ensembles while fiercely rapping immediately trended on Twitter.
Other songs in the setlist were “Moving On,” “Fire,” “Wishing on a Star,” “So What,” “Idol,” “Not Today,” “Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone,” and “Mikrokosmos.”
In between tracks, the group took breaks to reminisce about their experience as a rookie act from a nearly bankrupt company, as well as their relationship with ARMY, the global fanbase behind their rise to unprecedented heights of fame.
“I have thought and talked a lot about how far we have come so far and the conclusion was always ARMY,” vocalist Jimin said.
“We always say, thanks love you, and miss you so you may take it for granted but we really mean it from the bottom of our hearts. We are thankful the reason we breathe and feel energy each day is all thanks to you,” he added.
Amid the lingering uncertainty ushered by the new coronavirus, BTS promised to still be around once the global health and economic crisis is over.
“I think we are halfway through, I think we are in the middle. We are almost there. I hope the day will come soon so we can all meet again. Cheer up, we are waiting for you,” Jin enthused.
“I’ve missed you, ARMY. So far we haven’t been enjoying so much doing a concert without you present. So when you are ready… let’s meet again,” V said.
“Thank you for being with us on the most precious day that made us who we are now. Although ‘2021 Muster Sowoozoo’ is over, our adventure to ARMY will continue until we finally meet,” RM added.
The iconic act ended the night with a moving rendition of “Mikrokosmos,” the last song they played during their world tour.
Before the heartfelt performance, however, BTS asked the audience to “make their own star.”
“From your room or living room open the window from where you all are and turn on the flash of your phone and raise it up to the sky,” V instructed.
“We will gather and form a galaxy called ‘us’ It would be touching if there is an ARMY holding a flash when you open your window,” Jimin chimed in.
“Just like our lyrics, the star shines brighter than the dark night sky. From you to us, and from us to you, we will always send our light to find each other. Don’t forget that,” Jungkook reminded.
BTS will hold the world tour version of “BTS 2021 Muster Sowoozoo” on June 14 at 6:30 p.m KST (5:30 p.m Philippine time).