Further investigations are underway to try to track down exactly how the case was transmitted. In the meantime, we have decided to take an extra cautious approach at this facility until we find out exactly what occurred, he said.
As a result, no further overseas arrivals will be going into this quarantine facility at present. Existing arrivals in quarantine at the Four Points hotel which were due for release in coming days will remain in quarantine until they complete an additional negative test.
Anyone who has been recently released from this facility going back to the 25th of January is being contacted directly by our health teams to instruct them to remain in self-quarantine until they receive a further negative test result.
I stress, these are all extra precautions were putting in place. We have learnt from COVID-19 that you cannot take anything for granted.
On Monday, Arsiyanti Ardie, who is in quarantine at the Four Points, raised concerns the air-conditioning was shared between rooms after she smelled cleaning products being used in other rooms on her floor.
She also said the PPE provided to staff at the hotel was of poor quality and some staff were not wearing it correctly.
Mr McGowan refuted Ms Ardies claims and said authorities checked the air-conditioning on Tuesday morning and deemed it suitable.