“Ah yes, when I go to the museum and look at the Moa skeletons I too am filled with the urge to eat them.”
Unfortunately, the chips will be sold exclusively at Walmarts in the US so it’s unlikely many Kiwis will get a chance to try them. 
According to Pringles, the crisps boast a “thick wavy texture to deliver a bold crunch” and “feature a blend of flavours including garlic, sweet ginger, and savoury beef”.
The chip-consumer will apparently be hit with a slight heat from chilli pepper and red pepper which aims to “take tastebuds on a journey to new star systems”.
Kelloggs, the company behind Pringles, isn’t a stranger to odd chip flavours with flavours such as eggs benedict, pecan pie, prawn cocktail, mayo cheese, and cheeseburger all having hit the shelves in the past.