A burst pipe on Majoribanks St, Mt Victoria, Wellington, spraying water into the air after a contractor severed a pipe.
A motels windows are the latest victim of Wellingtons water woes after yet another unexpected geyser burst forth from a central city road when contractors accidently severed a drinking water pipe.
Apollo Lodge Motel manager Vikram Kaushal said four of his windows were cracked on Friday afternoon when stones were thrown into the air along with a stream of water after roading contractors at work in Marjoribanks St in Mt Victoria damaged a 20 millimetre service pipe.
Kaushal said the spray went well above the roofline of the motels two-story Edwardian apartments. Four of the buildings windows suffered damage.
On Friday afternoon, a pipe shot up a stream of water after roading contractors at work in Marjoribanks St in the capital suburb of Mt Victoria hit a small, 20-millimetre service pipe.
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Wellington Water spokesman Alex van Paassen said a repair was expected to be completed by 8pm. Water would have to be closed off to up to 40 properties to do so.
Videos on Twitter show the burst shooting water up into the sky with residents gathered outside.
Road cones cordoned off the rest of the road, but one building was being hit significantly by the stream of water.