A few days ago, Microsoft held an event to announce the Windows 11 operating system.We already know a lot of interesting things about the new platform. Some people like Windows 11, while others see it as a flop.
For computer lovers, the user of the site shared his opinion on the factors that can prevent overlockers from coming together and making the latest system popular.
The first problem Growth of system requirements, With it comes the second – Strange “need” for hardware… For example, the “rather energetic” AMD Raison 5 1600 does not support Windows 11. At the same time, the “successor” Raison 5 2600 is on the list of supported processors, which differs slightly from its predecessors.
Third and fourth reasons Secondary And Bugs with bugs… Some users may notice that it is similar to the latest version of Windows 11, but version 10.1. All major system updates have issues that require new patches.
One important reason is that the user The enemy of the good“I mean, Windows 10 is a great system that works very consistently, so switching to the new version is unlikely to go fast – people will want to stay on the proven OS.