Aug 11, 2021

Forget Bennifer Mark Two, if Ross and Rachel are together in real life, then JLo and Ben Affleck are no longer of concern to us. Closer Magazine is reporting that the couple has found true love over the last number of months. According to the magazine, a source says
“Theyve been spending time at Jens home, where shes cooked dinners in the evenings, and have enjoyed quality time together, chatting and laughing. They were also spotted drinking wine, deep in conversation, as they walked around one of Jens favourite vineyards in Santa Barbara, where it was clear there was lots of chemistry between them.”
Eagle-eyed fans are already pointing out that the cast alluded to the love match during Friends The Reunion back in June when they talked about the fact that Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green) and David Schwimmer (Ross Geller) actually had strong romantic feelings for one another throughout season 1. 
While they said they never crossed the line while filming the show, it appears that the duo has fallen for each other, twenty-five years later. 
Of course, fans have gone wild for the news and we have to agree
Hearing rumours that Jennifer Anniston and David Schwimmer are dating and its the fairytale Ending we ALL needed i hope its true!!!
— katie wardil (@KatieWardil) August 10, 2021
Last month, Jennifer Aniston said she is absolutely not interested in finding love on dating apps. The star, 52, told People she planned to use the normal ways of dating to find a partner.
She said: Absolutely no. Im going to just stick to the normal ways of dating. Having someone ask you out. Thats the way I would prefer it. Asked whether she was interested in marrying again, Aniston said she was more interested in finding the right person.
She replied: Oh God, I dont know. Its not on my radar. Im interested in finding a fantastic partner and just living an enjoyable life and having fun with one another.
Thats all we should hope for. It doesnt have to be etched in stone in legal documents. Aniston told the publication therapy had helped her cope with the pressures of being a public figure.
Self-awareness is key. Ive really gotten a lot out of therapy. Just being a public person, theres a lot of amazing things that come with that, she said.
But theres also a lot of tough stuff, because were only human, and we tend to walk around with bullseyes on our heads.
Sometimes you cant help family members or people sending stuff over going, What is this? Youre having a baby? Are you getting married? Its like, Oh, good gosh, when and how many years will it take for you to ignore that silliness?’ Aniston was married to Brad Pitt from 2000 until 2005 before Pitt got together with Angelina Jolie, who he married in 2014.
She started a relationship with actor and director Justin Theroux in May 2011 and they married in August 2015, separating in late 2017.
The internet trying to find out if David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston are really dating.
— TC (@wander_woman_7) August 10, 2021