Plants, tools, paint, soil and perhaps a cheeky sausage in bread. These are things youd typically trawl Bunnings for on a Saturday afternoon. But one single woman is on the search for a slightly more niche item to add to her basket, trading Tinder for the hardware store in a bid to snag a husband.
NSW local Leesh Cunningham went viral after sharing a two-part video of her quest on TikTok, in which she’s seen wandering the aisles and even asking a Bunnings employee if they had any men left in stock (probably not the weirdest customer interaction they’ve had this year).
“So, I’ve given up on Tinder and online dating and I’ve gone for a more traditional approach … I’ve come to Bunnings to find a husband,” she says in the clip.
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After making her way down each aisle (which any woman who’s been forced to Bunnings on a weekend by an overzealous dad or boyfriend can attest is quite the workout), Ms Cunningham gives up, adding she “must have picked a bad day”.
She then gave it another crack a few days later, this time with a stack of flyers (listing a series of phone numbers) in hand.
When a worthy bachelor still failed to present himself, Ms Cunningham turned to an employee for assistance.
“I’m just looking for a husband and was told you guys had them here,” she says to the staff member.
“They’re flying off the shelf, if we have any they’ll be in the back corner on the left,” the Bunnings worker responded.
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When Ms Cunningham raced to the aforementioned back corner, however, she found herself alone again.
The clips have garnered some 180,000 views and some wise words of advice and encouragement from other women – including to get to the store “between 6-8am and 5-9pm, that’s when the tradies get their supplies”.
“Don’t give up, I got a man from there, he’s alright,” another wrote.
Others suggested hitting up Mitre 10 or service stations in the early morning to find herself a man.
And while her efforts looked to be for nothing in the clips, a number of potential suitors took to the comments, asking her to let them know which Bunnings she’d be heading to next.