LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – While Congress continues to debate more COVID-19 relief for Americans, some people are already getting a stimulus check.
The latest round of stimulus checks are up to $600 per person. Those who qualify include:
– Married couples earning less than $174,000
– Single people earning less than $87,000
– Dependent children younger than 17
– Social security recipients and VA beneficiaries
One of our viewers asked, when will I get my check and how? Financial Advisor Rob de Lassio says the IRS is sending payments now.
Obviously if you filed electronically, and you get your tax returns electronically, theyre going to send the funds to electronically. If you do snail mail and received checks, yours are going to take a while longer, de Lassio said.
Chailee Sizemore has received a check, $600 for herself and $600 for her daughter, Lee Ann.
It made me feel good because now I can pay my electric bill off, Sizemore said.
Payments are based on 2019 tax returns. If your financial status changed this year you can still receive the stimulus.
One of our viewers asked if shell get a stimulus check if she had a baby this year. Certified Public Accountant Dana Overall says yes.
When you file your tax return for 2020 that person will list the new baby on the tax return. They will actually receive this stimulus money as a credit on their tax return, Overall said.
Experts say the sooner you file your 2020 taxes the better, and that taxes will not be taken out of the stimulus checks.
Want to know if you qualify for the $600 stimulus check? Did you already receive it? More details at 4:30/6. pic.twitter.com/JGxPAQVV4E
— Chelsea Jones (@ChelseaWkyt) December 30, 2020
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