The quality of the CG animation is about what you’d expect from people working under insane time pressure, using software designed to be simple enough for children, guided by a non-technical and mostly absent director in the very early 2000s. In terms of graphical fidelity, it’s pretty mind-boggling to think of how far we’ve come since then, but perhaps not as mind-boggling as the decision to put this on TV in the first place.
To add an extra-thick layer of absurdity to the mix, the movie’s cast was surprisingly star-studded: Thapliyal points out that the film features two Disney Princesses, Nancy Cartwright (otherwise known as Bart Simpson), MadTV star Debra Wilson, original Power Ranger Walter Emanuel Jones, and, uh, Mark Hamill. Apparently, all it took to get Luke Skywalker himself onboard was to hire a limo that would ferry him to and from recording sessions.
I strongly recommend you read Thapliyal’s full feature, regardless of whether Christmas is a thing in your life — it’s just that fun a read. And if you happen to be like me and my family and really enjoy making fun of things, maybe take a few moments today to watch (or re-watch) it on your shiny new phone, tablet, or smart TV. If nothing else, Rapsittie Street Kids is simply unforgettable holiday viewing.