Between supply shortages and a staggered release date, the PlayStation 5 has been almost impossible to buy. So you imagine what it must feel like if you were able to pre-order one, wait patiently for release day and then never see the console show up. That’s what some people in the UK have had to put up with over the last day. 
As Eurogamer points out, since the console came out across the pond on November 19th, there have been numerous reports on Twitter and Reddit of Amazon UK delivery people switching the contents of a PS5 delivery for something else. No one has gotten a box full of stones (yet), but the substitutions have been varied: pet food, a foot massager and a bag of bulgur. And while the contents of the packages have been different, the stories mostly all play out in the same way. The package gets delayed, and when it does finally show up, its sealed with clear tape instead of Amazon’s trademark Prime-branding.