Nearly every state has certified its results, and Mr. Biden has officially secured more than the 270 Electoral College votes needed to become president.
In Pennsylvania, Mr. Biden was certified the winner last month by the Department of State, and Mr. Wolf signed a certificate of ascertainment for Mr. Bidens slate of electors to be appointed to the Electoral College, which votes on Dec. 14.
Nonetheless, 64 Republicans in the General Assembly, including Mr. Cutler and other members of the leadership, called on Friday for Pennsylvanias congressional delegation to reject the electoral votes for Mr. Biden when Congress meets on Jan. 6 to confirm the Electoral College results. The effort is highly unlikely, not least because the Democratic-led House of Representatives would need to agree to it. Pennsylvanias most senior congressional Republican, Senator Pat Toomey, has said through his office that he will not be objecting to Mr. Bidens 20 electoral votes from the state.
Mr. Trumps personal attacks on the few top Republicans who debunk his fraud claims, such as in Georgia and Arizona, as well as his efforts to enlist allies in the party in his brazen effort to reverse the will of voters, such as in Pennsylvania, are likely to make the issue crucial to elections next year and in the 2022 midterms. Republican primaries could become contests of who stood behind Mr. Trump in his baseless claims that undermined faith in democracy.
State Representative Joanna E. McClinton, the minority leader of the Pennsylvania House Democrats, called Republican assertions of widespread fraud, which have echoed Mr. Trumps descent into conspiracy theories and disinformation, outrageous.
We are seeing extremists who claim they love the Constitution, she said, but who want to throw the Constitution away just because the president lost his bid for re-election.