Today, in news from the utterly inexplicable: Both Miley Cyrus Party In The U.S.A., and NSYNCs ode to fucking off, Bye Bye Bye, have suddenly leaped into the digital charts, suggesting that the American people have suddenly and spontaneously picked up an interest in partying, as well as cutting ties with notoriously shitty relationships, pretty much out of nowhere.
This is per the @chartdata Twitter account, which tracks big movements on most of the major streaming and music sales sites. In this case, Cyrus 2009 opus to patriotic partying appears to have broken into the iTunes Top 200 when some unknown event occurred earlier this morning, and has now risen to the Top 40 for similarly mysterious reasons. Bye Bye Bye, in which NSYNC bids farewell to a cruel puppetmaster driving their lives relentlessly into the shitter, has meanwhile broken into the Top 200 in just the last hour.
In other news: YG and Nipsy Hussles FDT has now also entered the iTunes Top 10, because, seriously: Fuck Donald Trump.