Warning: This article contains spoilers about The Masked Singer season 4 episode 9.
This Thanksgiving, as you sit down to eat turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie, don’t forget to serve yourself some Broccoli, Mushroom, and Jelly(fish) from The Masked Singer! Airing on a new night for this week only, the show was Turkey Day-themed for the Group C Finals, which saw Robin Thicke finally without a Hawaiian shirt and Ken Jeong donning a Turkey hat, for reasons. After a group performance (preceded by a slightly cannibalistic Thanksgiving feast segment), individual songs, and a Smackdown, Broccoli got the chop.
Joining Thicke and Jeong at the panelists’ table were Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy, and guest Jay Pharoah. Even if you don’t care about who went home tonight, the episode was worth watching just to see the comedian bust out his impressions of Kevin Hart, Will Smith, the Rock, and more. And as always, Nick Cannon hosted the show — in a sparkly cape.
Jellyfish took the stage first to sing the Dua Lipa (or “Dula Peep,” as Lips/Wendy Williams would say) track “Don’t Start Now” on a set bursting with neon colors. Beforehand, Jellyfish’s sister provided some hints for the aquatic contestant, and of course she had a Thanksgiving-themed onstage clue, as did the others.
Then, Mushroom messed with our minds yet again by changing up his voice for Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally.” The competitor is truly an enigma — his clue packages have been insane to decipher (who is this government agent he knows from tonight’s package??), and every single time he performs he sounds like a different person. Is he Jordan Fisher? Maybe. Todrick Hall? Perhaps! Queen Elizabeth II? At this point, that could be true as well.
Last was Broccoli getting down to Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock & Roll.” The masked singer provided the night’s “WTF/I will pretend I didn’t hear that” moment with his answer to a fan question about favorite Thanksgiving foods. Turns out Broccoli likes “turkey, candied yams, and the 42-year-old in Chicago.” Welp, consider my appetite ruined.
Cannon then announced that Jellyfish was going right through to the Super Six, which meant Broccoli and Mushroom would be duking it out in the Smackdown.
“This looks like the salad bar at Gelson’s,” Scherzinger quipped, amusing all 89 Southern Californians who shop at the local gourmet market and love TMS. At least she didn’t say Erewhon!
For his last appeal, Broccoli sang Alabama’s “Take Me Down,” while Mushroom gave us a completely different voice AGAIN with the Donny Hathaway classic “A Song for You.” This fungi will be the death of me.
Ultimately, Broccoli was eliminated.
As for first impressions, Scherzinger said Bill Murray, Jeong had Martin Short (his perennial fave), Thicke guessed Bob Newhart, and McCarthy went with Jerry Springer. Pharoah picked Paul Simon after initially guessing Al Roker, joking that his “Black meter didn’t go off” when the jolly green veggie performed. But only one of them had the correct final prediction …
Broccoli was revealed to be singer-songwriter Paul Anka!
Thicke (and EW) guessed correctly — the panelist caught onto the clues about Anka’s Canadian background, and of course his dad is Alan Thicke so he had a leg up over the others. As EW pointed out too, the clue that sealed the deal mentioned Broccoli got his start from a contest. Well, Anka’s career was jumpstarted after he earned a trip to New York by winning a Campbell’s soup contest (a can of soup was even shown later in the same package).
All things considered, we think Anka sounded great and moved pretty spry for a guy who’s 79! After he was unmasked, the “Diana” singer expressed his gratitude for getting to participate on the show.
“I’m very humbled, because we have gone through something in our country, and to have this kind of fun and to enjoy [something] like this, we should all be very, very proud,” Anka said on stage.
What a great way to cap off the Thanksgiving episode, which definitely wasn’t filmed around August …
So there you have it — Jellyfish and Mushroom will be joining Sun, Seahorse, Popcorn, and Crocodile in the Super Six. Stay tuned for the two-hour semi-finals next Wednesday where Craig Robinson serves as guest panelist and THREE contestants will be sent home. And to find out Masked Singer’s schedule for the rest of season 4, head on over to EW’s timeline.
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