The House passed a continuing resolution that would fund the federal government through Dec. 21 and temporarily avert a partial shutdown if it passes in the Senate and is signed by President Trump before midnight.
Why it matters: The 48-hour stopgap would also give lawmakers the weekend to resolve outstanding issues with a $900 billion coronavirus relief package and $1.4 trillion long-term spending deal.
Context: This is the second continuing resolution Congress has needed to pass this month because lawmakers could not compromise. The first was passed last week.

  • But congressional leaders set and blew past Friday’s deadline to work out their differences, even though lawmakers have said for days they were closing in on a deal.

The big picture: Stimulus negotiations were hindered on Friday with debate over the Federal Reserves emergency lending powers.

  • Some Republicans, including Sen. Patrick Toomey (Pa.), want to reduce the Feds emergency lending programs as part of a stimulus deal, while Democrats fear the GOP is attempting to reduce the Feds authority before the Biden administration takes over.

Lawmakers also disagree on the proposed $600 direct payments to Americans as part of the stimulus bill.