Jarryd Hayne’s alleged rape victim accused the former NRL star of not showing any remorse in a Snapchat conversation recorded by police in the lead-up to his arrest, a court has heard.
WARNING: This story contains graphic details that may be distressing to some readers.
Key points:

  • Jarryd Hayne’s rape trial has been shown messages and a video recorded by police in the aftermath of the alleged assault
  • The complainant told the court a doctor who examined her after the incident said it looked as if she had been bitten
  • The defence has held up the pants the complainant was wearing on the night during cross-examination

The 32-year-old is defending two counts of aggravated sexual assault inflicting actual bodily harm in Newcastle District Court.
The charges were laid after an encounter with the complainant on September 30, 2018, the night of the NRL Grand Final.
Today the court was shown a series of Snapchat exchanges between the woman and Mr Hayne that were supervised and recorded by police on November 14 and 15, 2018, before his arrest on November 18 that year.
“You knew I was definitely not OK from the damage that night,” the woman wrote.
“It was pretty messed up and you just left me that way.
“You should have stopped when I said so.”
“WTF what are you on about?” Mr Hayne replied.
“I made sure your were OK and we spoke and I made sure you were OK.
“You’re starting to sound sus.”
“When I got out of the shower you said, ‘I better go,'” the woman said.
“You didn’t show any remorse and it has really impacted me since then.”
“That is completely untrue,” Mr Hayne replied.
The woman told Mr Hayne he should have stopped when she asked him to, the court heard.(AAP: Darren Pateman)
Court shown walkthrough video
The court was also shown a video filmed by police at the woman’s house several weeks after the alleged attack.
In the video the woman can be heard telling police that Mr Hayne had suggested the pair have a “singalong” and that he had started looking up Ed Sheeran songs on YouTube.
“He just kept on singing and didn’t talk about anything, and he kind of kept looking at me like he was trying to serenade me,” she said.
“He was completely looking through me just singing.”
She said a cab driver knocked on the door and told her mother that she had been waiting for Mr Hayne for 20 minutes.
“Then I said there is no way anything will happen,” the woman said.
“Jarryd walked outside and saw the taxi driver.
“He walked past my door and I heard him yell out ‘Go Roosters.'”
The woman told the court she decided “there was no way anything would happen” when Mr Hayne’s taxi arrived.(ABC Newcastle: Giselle Wakatama)
‘You’ve got it on your face’
In the video the woman said Mr Hayne then returned to her bedroom and proceeded to attack her.
“He’s walked back in, I was lying here [on the bed] still, he has come in and I have kind of moved away,” she said.
“He moved along here and was trying to kiss me and stuff but ignoring what I was saying I said no.
“I was really, really upset.
“He kneeled on the bed, it had gone bang a slat broke.
“He got on me and was pushing me down”
“I don’t know if he thought he was being sexy or what, then he grabbed me and pushed me down.
“I don’t remember the initial pain happening down there, but I was numb and I know he had his mouth down there.
“There was blood on this pillow, he had blood on his hands, he then washed his hands in the sink and it splashed everywhere.
“I had a lot of blood, all down my legs, I just got into the shower, I got in there and there was really severe kind of stinging.
“I said to him, ‘You have got it on your face’ it was horrible.
“Then he came back out here and said ‘I better go’ and then he just went.
“I don’t think I walked him out.
“I kind of looked at my bed and was really confused at what had happened.”
Jarryd Hayne leaving court in 2019.(AAP: Darren Pateman)
‘Looks like a bite’
Resuming her testimony on the stand, the woman told the court she had shared her version of events with her mother.
“I told mum what really happened that night and that he didn’t have a bleeding nose'” she said
The court previously heard her mother had panic attacks and the woman did not want to say it was from an alleged injury to her genitals.
The woman said she had taken selfies of her genitals and felt the area that was in pain.
“I felt it with my finger and that big chunk of skin feels like it is half hanging off,” she told the jury.
“I went to doctor and she had a look at the area and said it looked like a bite.
“She spoke to me about reporting it to the police and I told her my feelings about it.
“Then she wrote down what had happened just in case I wanted to report it.”
The court has also heard the woman was worried about making a report she messaged a friend saying that Mr Hayne had “the money to ruin me”.
The woman went on to tell the court she sent a Snapchat message to Mr Hayne in October, three weeks before she went to police.
She said she opened up the conversation in Snapchat and said “I have been told to report what happened”.
She said Mr Hayne replied, “what?” and asked if there were “any allegations?”
Mr Hayne’s defence barrister, Phillip Boulten (left), told the court the alleged victim was “quite prepared” to have a sexual encounter with the former NRL star.(ABC Newcastle: Anthony Scully)
Defence holds up pants in court
During cross-examination Mr Hayne’s barrister Phillip Boulten SC, put on a pair of gloves and held up the pants the woman was wearing on the night.
The woman had previously told the court that Mr Hayne had pulled off her pants during the alleged assault.
“As I understand you had hold of the top of your pants and you were pulling them up to stop them coming off,” Mr Boulten said.
“He grabbed hold and pulled them off in one, clean movement correct?”
The woman answered in the affirmative to those suggestions.
“That didn’t happen, did it?” Mr Boulten said.
“Yes it did,” the woman replied.
“They were absolutely off when I went to the bathroom, he pulled my pants off.”
Mr Boulten suggested the woman was consenting while she and Mr Hayne were lying on the bed together.
“I suggest you were lying quite close to him and he was rubbing your genitals outside your trousers,” Mr Boulten said.
“No,” the woman replied.
“I suggest to you he had an erection,” Mr Boulten said.
“I suggest at that time the trousers came off.”
“That is a story I disagree,” the woman replied.
Mr Boulten then suggested that the woman was “quite content” when Mr Hayne “went down to your vagina with his mouth”.
“I disagree,” the woman said.
Mr Boulten then referred to the “flirty” and “sexy” social media messages the woman and Mr Hayne exchanged over the 13 days leading up to the incident and suggested the woman was open to having sex with his client.
“It didn’t occur to you, you might want to do something sexually with him?” he asked.
“Possibly, I didn’t plan to,” the woman said.
“You would have liked that to happen in the right circumstances?” Mr Boulten said.
“It depends how I was feeling at the time, if I thought it was right,” she replied.
The trial, presided over by Judge peter Whitford, continues.
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