You can play as Milla Jovovich in Iceborne
The upcoming Monster Hunter movie doesnt exactly look like the most faithful interpretation, centering as it does around a gun-toting US Army soldier played by Milla Jovovich, but thats not stopping Capcom from engaging in some cross-promotion. Downloadable content based on the movie is coming to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne next month.
Youll be able to embark on a two-part event quest featuring the Black Diablos and Greater Rathalos, two monsters featured in the movie, and special bonus items will be available. Theres also a player skin based on Jovovichs character Captain Artemis, which you can see in action here:
Its all very Street Fighter: The Movie, which was an actual video game Capcom released in 1995.
The themed content will come to Iceborne on December 4th ahead of the movies US premiere on December 25th. An all-new Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter Rise, is being released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on March 26th.