What’s funny is this post made me think about that I actually didn’t have any kind of sexual attraction to Ripley as a boy, watching Aliens on repeat (only saw the first movie once when I was older). Sigourney Weaver is very attractive but Aliens didn’t harp on making her a sexual object and really even tried to actively downplay it a lot of the time. And the only other notable female role that I can recall is Vazquez, who was masculine as hell.
Anyway, it just made me reflect that she was absolutely one of those badass action movie characters that I admired, but really the only woman I can think of that I idolized in an action movie sort of way when I was a kid. And a lot of that probably had to do with the those movies not really sexualizing her much.
I feel like someone is going to remind me of some ridiculous scene that I’m not remembering… I know she trounces around in short shorts for a little, but that’s really it… right?